Back Office Hotel Contracting Module

Back Office Hotel Contracting Module

Back Office Hotel Contracting Module

Back office system is a comprehensive software solution delivering streamlined processes, highly accurate accounting and hands-on modules for suiting the requirements of travel agencies. Back office operations are a crucial component of your company and you want to be sure that every step of the process is handled precisely with care.

Technoheaven presents tour operators and travel agencies with an innovative back office hotel contracting department for proper management of inventory, complete automation of sales process, creation of data entries for tours and packages, accounts management, hotel contracting entries and for gaining detailed understanding of their travel business.

Back office hotel contracting module empowers travel agencies and tour operators to outsource to an overseas team with semi-standard duties such as hotel contracting, data entry, rates updations, support and reporting, etc.

Back office hotel contracting module assists hoteliers in uploading hotel information and maintaining price for different seasons, managing details of booking confirmations, applying special deals or multiple offers and managing sales. This hotel contracting department supported by Back Office system also helps Hotels in proper management of inventories of various hotels.

Back Office hotel contracting module offers the travel agents with a wide range of hotel inventories from different destinations across the world at best prices. Back office hotel contracting module mainly involves distribution of information regarding a host of hotels and accommodation facilities.

Back Office Hotel Contracting Features:

  • Efficient and Speedy

  • Automate Business Operations

  • Supports Hotel Contracting

  • Reporting & Accounts Management

  • Revenue Maximizing

  • Cost Saving

Technoheaven is a professional in the innovation of comprehensive end-to-end travel solutions for the travel industry by delivering high-performance back office hotel contracting module. Back Office System efficiently manages your travel business ' complicated back-office activities, removing manual administrative and expensive rekeying flaws.

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