Tour Guide-with Royalty Program

Tour Guide-with Royalty Program

Tour Guide-with Royalty Program
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Tour Guide-with Royalty Program

Tourism is travel for leisure or business purpose. In today's world, tourism is ranked as the most popular recreational activity. It has experienced remarkable growth at a global level. Tourism has become one of the world's largest industry. Technoheaven introduces a new travel product: Tour Guide- with Royalty Program to assist the travel companies in providing best trip plans and trip itinerary to the customers or end-users.

Tour Guide- with Royalty Program is your companion on the go. This app lets you plan your tour itinerary by providing best travel guides on all the tourist places.

Through this app, the customers can search the travel guides that are registered in the app. As the customer searches for a travel guide, the nearest tour guide gets the notification. The tour guide may accept or reject your booking. Once the tour guide accepts your offer, the end user can track whole trip locations and can make payment through debit/credit card. The tour guide can access the whole booking history and all types of comprehensive reports regarding the tour can be generated here.