Multi Currency Module

Multi Currency Module

Travel Mobile Affiliate

With a rapid growth in the travel industry, it has become necessary for all the travel agencies to expand their products and services at a global level. With an immense growth of global market opportunities, your software must also contain a Multi-currency module that enables you to handle multiple foreign currencies at a single platform.

Introducing, Technoheaven’s Multi-currency module for travel agencies or travel agents to expand their business at an International level by providing prices of travel products and services in different foreign currencies. With the help of Technoheaven’s Multi-currency module, the travel agencies can easily price their products and travel services in foreign currencies.

Technoheaven’s Multi-currency module helps the travel agencies in the management of multiple currencies which in turn leads to increase in accuracy of the business. With the use of Multi-currency module, the travel agencies can simply operate with multiple foreign currencies without contracting a sales channel for each and every currency. With the help of Multi-currency module, the foreign currency will be converted into the base currency automatically during the transaction period and a precise report of currency gains and losses is also tracked simultaneously.

Multi-currency module also helps the travel agencies in saving time by allowing them to manage their multiple currencies and exchange rates easily. Multi-currency module enables the travel agencies and companies to price their products and travel services in different currencies such as American Dollar, British Pound and so on.

Features of Technoheaven’s Multi-currency module

  • Purchase products and travel services in different currencies.
  • Send invoices in different foreign currencies with our Multi-currency module.
  • Multi-currency module helps in management of currency fluctuations.
  • Multi-currency module gives access to “n” number of currencies
  • Multi-currency module helps in generating reports in either home/base currency or the vendor or customer’s foreign currency.
  • Helps in managing your purchases and sales in the currency of your clients or suppliers.
So order Technoheaven Multi-currency module today and enjoy hassle-free management of multiple currencies at best affordable rates.