Travel Insurance Module

Travel Insurance Module

Travel Insurance Module

Travel insurance is an essential insurance plan you purchase at the time of the booking of a trip to get protection against uncertain risks and financial losses that take place at the time of the trip. These losses may be of different categories such as travel accidents, medical emergency expenses, lost or delayed luggage, delay in flight arrivals, flight injuries, trip cancellation or loss of passport and visa documents.

Technoheaven introduces Travel Insurance Module; a smart solution for accomplishing all the insurance requirements of travelers and providing them with the best possible protection against medical emergencies, trip cancellations and financial crises while travelling abroad.

Travel Insurance Module offers travelers with a modern and comprehensive travel insurance plan for protection against all odds when travelling abroad and facilitates customized travel insurance plans for solo travelers, family trips, and group travels.

Travel Insurance Module Plans:

Our user-friendly travel insurance module offers four outstanding travel insurance plans for solo travelers, family trips, and group travels. They are:

  • Silver Jordan A

  • Basic Jordan Schengen

  • Silver Jordan A 100

  • Silver Jordan A 250

All 4 Plans include:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses:
    Covers medical expenses of the insured in the event of unexpected injury, sickness or accidents during the trip
  • Repatriation to the country of residence
    Covers the expenses of repatriation to the country of residence in case the traveler is deemed unfit for travel or in case of long-term medical attention are required after a medical emergency during the trip.
  • Emergency Dental Coverage
    Covers dental care expenses in the event of dental emergencies and injuries such as teeth injuries, broken teeth, strictly prescribed X-rays and medicines as per dental coverage policy limit.
  • Loss of Baggage
    Reimburses expenses for the purchase of essential items such as clothes, etc until the luggage is discovered.
  • Trip Cancellation (agg. up to $2,500) (Up to 70 years)
    Compensates the amount (upto policy limit) for cancellation of non-refundable trip booked in advance for a covered reason including an injury or illness of traveler, his/her companion, business partner or family member.
  • Legal Expenses
    Covers legal expenses in the event of damages caused by another person due to something that occurred during the trip.
  • Loss of passport
    Reimburses amount of replacing your passport or travel documents in the event of loss of passport or document to allow you to return to your country of residency.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
    Covers arrangement and expenses of transportation to the nearest place for proper medical treatment.
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
    Covers arrangement and expenses of transportation of the remains of the traveler in the event of his/her sudden death during the trip
  • Delay of checked baggage
    Covers the expenses of purchase of essentials such as clothes, etc for use until the arrival of luggage. Purchase Receipts must be shown to claim the amount.
  • Sea & Mountain search & Rescue
    Covers search arrangements, helps in transportation modes and pays for any non-refundable payment as per travel insurance policy.
  • Trip curtailment following death only
    Covers expenses for trip curtailment (trip cut short) in foreign land due to various reasons such as death of relatives, etc as mentioned in travel insurance policy.
  • Advance of bail bond
    Covers the advance of bail amount to allow the accused defendant to be set free before trial.