First Prize in Vietnam to Integrated Hotel Distribution Solution

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Vietnam's National Tourism Administration organized the 2019 Vietnam Smart Tourism Startup Contest in Hanoi on 18 June with the goal of developing Vietnam's tourism startup.

Since its founding in 2017, has evolved as Vietnam's first B2B e-commerce platform for resorts and hotels. Travel companies can connect directly with a large number of hotels, resorts and other types of accommodation with Bedlinker. They can book with their preferred hotels promptly through

Bedlinker award winning company at Vietnam who won the first prize at the Vietnam Smart Tourism Startup Contest 2019 for their exceptional performance and outstanding project

Bedlinker Award Winning team delivers epic performance in application creation Information technology for development of tourism industry in 2019 at the Joint Contest Start-up career.

Award winning Bedlinker team is honored to be partner with Technoheaven. Technoheaven team has been providing the state-of-the-art Travel Marketplace where travel agencies can connect with a wide spectrum of hotels, resorts and accommodations. Technoheaven's cutting edge travel solutions facilitates them to deliver the best b2b distribution solutions for hospitality industry.

With the use of Technoheaven’s B2B travel marketplace solution, Bedlinker enjoys advantages of global exposure and rising clientele.