Europa Hotel Olympia XML API Integration

Europa Hotel Olympia XML API Integration

Europa Hotel Olympia XML API Integration

Olympia Europe has developed its organization at a FIT Worldwide Hotels Wholesaler that collaborates directly with over 50,000 – 10,000 hotels via FIT Static contracts - 40.000 hotels via dynamic contracts with the major worldwide hotel chains. USA, Europe and Middle East are Olympia Europe's superior areas in terms of direct contracts covering a range from budget to 5-star luxury.

Europa Hotel Olympia have contract (trough FIT and BAR agreement) and provides distribution of travel products via XML API Integration and HTML to add maximum value towards B2B clients. Olympia Europe XML API Integration experts have developed an API system to provide easier, faster and more spontaneous booking process.

Olympia Europe has API system which provides direct and real-time access to their competitive hotel products for your website directly. Moreover, clients can either make FIT dynamic bookings through our website which offer and exclusive password to our professional customer service agents

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