PHOBS Channel Manager

PHOBS Channel Manager

PHOBS Channel Manager

PHOBS is a robust and quick connectivity platform for hotels, camp sites, residential / holiday rentals and their distributors. They provide all the customers and their connectivity partners with fast, secure and precise communication. They develop modern IT solutions, guide them in making the best of them and recommend further enhancements to boost their business revenues.

PHOBS Channel Manager also helps travel agencies in maximizing their global reach and offers them with benefit of online exposure. PHOBS Channel Manager also connects travel agencies with the worldwide audience with a large extent of flexibility in inventory management and prices.

Technoheaven is integrated with PHOBS Channel Manager to deliver the responsive, adaptive and high-end performance system to the hospitality industry.

Through this integration with PHOBS Channel Manager our experts can assist and connect our partners with various systems and support them in doing business with each other.

It becomes easier for travel companies to manage availability and prices on all online travel agency platforms through our integration with PHOBS Channel Manager

PHOBS Channel Manager
Why choose PHOBS Channel Manager?
  • Auto-updates
  • Quick stop sale
  • Rate Parity
  • Booking Engine and PMS integration
  • All up-to-date booking information

Technoheaven integrates PHOBS Channel Manager which is specifically designed to affiliate travel agent’s B2B or B2C travel websites with major global Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to expand their reach in the global travel market.

So, hurry up and integrate your websites with Technoheaven channel manager and showcase your inventory across the most popular OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) to expand your reach in the global market.

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