RateTiger Channel Manager

RateTiger Channel Manager

HotelsTrack XML API Integration

RateTiger is custom-built and premium hotel channel management product of eRevMax – a London based travel technology company founded in 2001.

RateTiger offers best technology solutions for Hospitality Industry such as industry-leading channel management solution, rate shopping, online distribution, reservation capacities and xml connectivity between OTAs and hotel PMS.

RateTiger is market’s one of most stable channel manager offers seamless channel connectivity platformfor hotels. This RateTiger channel manager comes with intuitive features, easy-to-use dashboard, regular product updates and 24/7 customer support.

RateTiger Channel Manager offers connectivity to 350+ distribution channels including global and regional OTAs (online travel agencies), Wholesalers, Booking Engines, Tour Operators, Metasearch Engines, E-commerce, GDS (global distribution system), Advertising, Marketing, Social Channels and Specialists.

RateTiger Channel Manager comes with a smart single interface which provides better hotel room rates and yield management to increase profitability for hotels.

RateTiger Channel Manager also allows hoteliers in minimizing distribution costs and increasing direct bookings by completely controlling inventory distribution and revenue management strategies.

HotelsTrack XML API Integration

RateTiger Channel Manager enables hotels to easily track all hotel room availability, rates and restrictions across all sales channels and manage them easily.

Also, RateTiger Channel Manager allows hotels to supervise channel performance and online bookings to increase business revenues with the help of online sales partners.

Features of RateTiger Channel Manager

Here is the list of RateTiger Channel Manager features:

  • Update ARI (Availability, Rate & Inventory) in real time.
  • Reduce Manual Errors.
  • 2-way XML Connectivity.
  • Instantly update rates & availability across selected days / room types/ websites.
  • Avoid Overbookings with one-click.
  • Automatic Room Mapping.
RateTiger Channel Manager provides various add-ons such as:
  • Allocation Management – to automate inventory distribution.
  • Allocation Alerts – Automatic Notification when allocation is low or sold-out to avoid overbookings.
  • Reservation Delivery – Reservation details with room type is delivered directly to hotel’s PMS from all channel.
  • Reservation Report – Generate reports of all bookings delivered into PMS/CRS from all sales channels. Check room booking and cancellation status from the dashboard.
  • RateTiger Channel Manager also provides other add-ons such as GDS Distribution, Metasearch Distribution, Social Media Distribution and Team Plug-in.

Technoheaven is integrated with RateTiger Channel Manager who has specialities such as channel management solution, rate benchmarking and 2-way XML Connectivity.

Technoheaven is leading Travel Technology Company provides best RateTiger Channel Manager Integration for Travel Agent, Online Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Hoteliers and Travel Management Companies.

Our integration with RateTiger Channel Manager allows travel agents and hoteliers to expand online visibility in international travel market and increase business profitability with the best hotel channel manager in the market.