Stglobe XML Out

Stglobe XML Out

Abreu Online XML API Integration

Stglobe, the global wholesale tourism supplier offering competitive prices, a brand new user-friendly online booking system, dedicated customer support and many more exclusive services to travel agents, tour operators and airlines. They also have trusted partner in over 26K destination. Stglobe is a member of Special Tours Wholesalers Limited, London UK.

They introduce new online system which shows real time hotel availability. It's easiest to use and allows you to explore in detail, get quick responses and access the most competitive rates.

Their revised and user-friendly online booking system will assist clients to minimize their operating costs and develop their business.

Technoheaven integrated with Stglobe via Hotel Api Out and offer to get instant access to over 31 M hotel rates, in more than 278K actual hotels with real availability in thousands of destinations.

Alpha Tours XML Integration

Through this Stglobe Hotel API Out, travel agency can minimize their operational cost, grow their business and find the best solution. Stglobe ensures fast and easy delivery of all products of each and every supplier integrated with them.

Technoheaven has xml out with Stglobe who empowers travel agents to gain Instant access to millions of hotel rates. Technoheaven has xml out with Stglobe that allows hoteliers to plan, secure and maximize the occupancy of their hotel all year round.

Through this Stglobe xml out, the hoteliers can expand their reach and boost sales and distribution in the global market.

Technoheaven provides hospitality professionals at Hotels, Management Companies, Hotel Chains and Travel Websites with technology solutions that improve the way they present their properties online to travel Suppliers. Our team of Technoheaven offers dedicated support with maintenance and with regular updates.

We are extremely pleased to say that we have been endeavoring to secure outstanding relations with our clients by providing them with our unrivaled travel services.