Stuba XML API Integration

Stuba XML API Integration

Stuba Hotel XML API Supplier

Stuba is born when roomsXML and getabed are combined. Stuba XML API Integration are trusted accommodation wholesalers since 1991. As on 17 Oct 2018, we offer 88,364 global properties (3-star and above).

Both roomsXML the accommodation specialist and getabed are independently owned and have been successfully providing accommodation only to travel and wholesale partners in their respective markets.

XML to match your expectations :-

Stuba XML API Integration provides huge inventory of hotels globally for travel agencies to get connected; Stuba XML Supplier also provides de-duplicates the hotels and presents them as a single feed. Therefore you get each hotel only once. Stuba XML API Integration can tailor the XML feed for your business needs and strategy. For instance, you may only want luxury hotels in Asia. They collaborate with leading travel technology companies; lowering your integration costs and supercharging your speed to market.

Benefits you get from Stuba XML Supplier: -

  • Extraordinary Inventory
  • Brilliant Hotel Search
  • 24x7 Service
  • No Duplicate Hotels
  • Room Type Matching
  • Personalized XML
  • Meta-Reviews
  • Excellent Content
  • Map View Search
  • Local Currency
Stuba Hotel XML API Supplier

Technoheaven provides the best XML API integration for Stuba through XML API Integration with fast request response process. We, your preferred Technoheaven give the integration according to your necessities.

Technoheaven is already a certified partner with Stuba and it has worked hard on its architecture to make fast and light. We have a strong and secure mapping with static data and it will also increase the volume of XML API integration. The Technoheaven has worked with Stuba XML API Integration, with big and reputable DMC clients like Dubai, Malaysia, etc.

So, we would like to expand our heartiest welcome to everyone visiting our website and join us with the best XML API facility. For improvement of your XML API integration contact our expert team of Technoheaven at +971 527863599 or you can also drop your mail at

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