BedAllocator is a brilliant technology solution for hotels to handle their B2B distribution network efficiently at an economical price. It is a product of BedLinker, the well-known technology solution provider for hotel and travel industry in Vietnam.

BedLinker company was dedicated to developing BedAllocator solution for an effective hotel B2B distribution system for managing hotels and resorts. This B2B hotel distribution system allows hoteliers to sell or distribute hotel inventory to access dozens of OTA (Online Travel Agency) supply systems.

Bedlinker company asked for Technoheaven's assistance to develop an efficient B2B system for hotels and resorts. With the help of B2B booking engine, the agents can check the availability of rooms and book online at contracted, non-contracted or promotional rate and get instant confirmation.

B2B hotel distribution system also reduces intermediary cost as hotels get exposed directly to the reseller agents and the profit margin can be increased. Slow and time-consuming processes are replaced by quick and easy processes. It allows to manage and track sales, production, and analysis of the accounts for better business decisions. It helps in revenue maximization as promotions and offers are uploaded easily especially during low seasons. This system is beneficial as hotel group can access all the properties using a single system instead of working separately on each property.

Our main aim was to perfect the B2B hotel distribution system with a mobile application that works on all mobile operating systems. This meant we’d have to do an exhaustive search through multiple vendors. We didn’t have to do that. We simply got in touch with Techno Heaven, and our system and application was ready.

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