Bedlinker is the first online business-to-business (B2B) marketplace for travel purchasers set up in 2017 by the BedLinker company. is a B2B e-commerce platform which connects travel buyers-mainly local retail travel agencies and tour operators with suppliers across the globe for a vast range of travel trading products like hotels, resorts, tours, activities, Excursions, Car transfer, restaurants, amusement parks and many more.

BedLinker Technology Provider is committed to forming a free B2B marketplace, where travel agencies will be linked with a large assortment of hotels, resorts and more. This will help travel agencies to effortlessly check and book hotels of their choice. But it was not easy for them to form this marketplace so they hired Technoheaven's Travel Marketplace.

BedLinker choose Technoheaven as IT Partner for successful implementation of B2B Travel Marketplace in their business.

Technoheaven Travel Marketplace is online travel platform where the worldwide travel suppliers can sell travel products involving hotels, tours, activities, Excursions, Car transfer, Cruise Rental, holiday packages and more to retail buyers, travel agencies. Here travel companies can access a huge inventory of travel product to search and compare services with demands of an end user with adequate prices and establishes a safe payment system.

Technoheaven is best IT Company for BedLinker to build strong marketplace with latest travel technology. It help BedLinker Travel Partners to access a huge inventory of travel product to search, compare and book hotels and tours with exclusive offers and best prices.

Technoheaven's Technology Marketplace is supported with smart technology which has helped BedLinker to promote business and reach buyers and sellers worldwide.

Bedlinker is very grateful for this amazing and excellent quality product and we are lucky to have Technoheaven as our Technology partner.

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