Taiba Connect XML Out

Taiba Connect XML Out

Taiba Connect XML Out

Taiba Connect, headquartered in Medina, was introduced by Taiba Flocks and TPConnects to allow travel agencies to establish a powerful online presence. Taiba connect, founded in 2018 has association with TP Connect which is a travel and tourism market technology company.

TP Connect has developed NDC-based software which is an integrated program including an e-payment gateway, search engines and other features that will be furthermore improved. Taiba Connect will help in marketing and distribution of the program in the regions of EGYPT and KSA (Western Region) on exclusive bases.

Taiba Connect; a digital empowerment initiative was commenced in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Taiba Connect provides a corporate booking tool for travel agencies to assist them in offering their corporate customers to make their own booking and ticketing.

Taiba Connect’s one of a kind mobile app (iOS/Android) has payment gateway integration which offers travel agency customers with convenience of browsing, booking and issuing of rent a car, flight tickets and vouchers of hotels from their smartphones.

Taiba Connect XML Out

Taiba Connect offers travel agencies with own Website which has GDS integration and also helps travel agencies in integration of GDS into their existing travel website.

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