tboholidays XML API Integration

tboholidays XML API Integration

tboholidays XML API Integration

tboholidays XML API Integration is a B2B travel gateway that enables agents to choose extensive variety of travel porducts at remarkable cost. tboholidays XML Supplier is a B2B travel portal that permits travel agents to make a trip and book more than 330,000 hotels worldwide progressively.

The tboholidays XML API Integration hotels API has been made remembering that small and medium sized travel operators confront while choosing hotels for their clients.

The tboholidays XML API Integration technology is perfect, offering the plain best speed, execution and hotel choice for specialists.

Why work with tboholidays XML Supplier?

  • Delivers Free & Fast Registration
  • Online ledgers, Vouchers and Sales report
  • Online Tools
  • Deeply integrated with Amadeus Selling Platform
  • Service Delivery
  • Payment Options
tboholidays XML API Integration

Features of tboholidays XML API Integration

  • Access over more than 330,000+ properties in real time
  • XML account charge zero
  • Access to outstanding negotiated hotel rates
  • Immediate confirmation without waiting
  • Hold booking until last termination date
  • Preferred Currency
  • 24*7 support

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