Technoheaven Award Ceremony 2023

Celebrating Excellence at Pimpari School, Ahwa-Dang

Technoheaven hosted the Award Ceremony 2023 at the Secondary & Higher Secondary School Pimpari, Ahwa-Dang, on December 16, 2023. This award ceremony served as a celebration of the extraordinary contribution that our staff members made to win the World Travel Tech Awards three times in a row.

Techno Heaven Award CeremonyTechno Heaven Award Ceremony

Inspirational Story of Pimpari School

Pimpari School, established in 2005 by Bharatiya Janseva Sansthan, is evidence of the school's dedication to offering the tribal population a high standard of education. Located in the village of Pimpari, Ta. Ahwa, Dist. Dang, the school stands by the that all children, regardless of their circumstances, have a fundamental right to an education. In addition to providing free education, the institution also looks after its students' well-being by offering free food and hostel accommodations.

Educational Approach

Pimpari School's educational style emphasizes Indian culture and ethics. With 450 pupils enrolled and a growing impact on the community, the school has evolved as a haven for students. Beyond academics, the school provides its students with a sense of social responsibility and community.

Ceremony Highlights

The Pimpari School students and instructors welcomed the Technoheaven and presented our CEO with a hand-drawn sketch. A lamp lighting ceremony, symbolic of the event's beginning, set the tone for a day full of remarkable art exhibits, outstanding performances, and award-winning moments.

Technoheaven Clients + Technoheaven Team = Together We Can Do Miracles

Acknowledging the remarkable contributions of our esteemed clients and the incredible Technoheaven Team.

Thank you for being a part of the Technoheaven journey. Your continued support inspires us to innovate, empower, and celebrate together.

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