Travco Hotel XML API Integration

Travco Hotel XML API Integration

Travco Hotel API Supplier

Travco is a family run and owned business, founded in 1988. Travco hotel XML API Integration is a leading worldwide hotel wholesaler.

Travco Hotel XML Supplier focus is providing hotel settlement to the travel trade. By collaborating with huge numbers of international hotels Travco Hotel XML API Integration can offer a remarkable choice of worldwide hotel accommodation at the least rates.

Travco hotel XML API Integration clients can book hotels in 5 seconds through their advanced online booking system or offer their whole product range through their marked website by means of their XML interface.

Travco hotel Integration FIT department gives specific reservation support at any time of day. Travco Hotel XML Supplier additionally have a committed gatherings department who can arrange customized tour packages for group travel everywhere throughout the world. Whatever service you need Travco hotel XML API Integration are on hand to provide you with a solution.

Travco hotel XML API Integration works with hotels of all sizes and status, from driving 5 star organizations and comprehensive resorts to independent 1-star youth hostels.

Travco Hotel API Supplier

Benefits provided by travco based on online booking system:

  • Global 24/7 access to their inventory
  • Book hotels within 5 seconds
  • View in 9 different languages
  • Advanced search facilities
  • Detailed and independent hotel information

Benefits provided by travco based on XML Interface:

  • Integrate their database with your technology
  • Sell the hotels as your own
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Instantly receive updated rates
  • Optimum software

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