Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card

The future of travel industry is virtually present.

We all are not new to the fact that travel industry undertakes millions of transactions every year.

Managing a business while overseeing payments is very time-consuming and costly process if we hire someone to monitor all travel supplier transactions. Also there has been increase in ways to transact more securely to get protection from data breaches.

Nowadays, travel companies are looking for a modern payments solution that is faster and more secure for transactions with buyers and suppliers.

In this era, Virtual Credit Card is the most trending, fastest and secured way of making payments for both B2B Travel and E-commerce business.

So, first of all let’s define virtual credit card,

Virtual Credit Card
What is Virtual Credit Card?

Virtual Credit Card is randomly generated 16-digit credit card number used for a specific transaction online. These credit cards are just like any other cards with card number, CVV and validity dates but they do not have physical form. This type of card is available online and is specifically created for online transactions.

Virtual credit card, also known as virtual payment card is becoming the most common payment method for B2B Travel Agencies. They are best way to spend more securely and privately online.

If you are a travel agent or travel company on a lookout for best virtual credit card integration solution for your business? Then you have come to the right place.

Technoheaven is leading travel technology company provides best virtual credit card integration for travel agents, online travel agencies, tour operators and travel management companies.

Our travel professionals provide Virtual Credit Card Integration within new or existing travel portal and website. This Virtual Credit Card Integration enable travel agencies and travel companies with secure processing of online payments. We also have virtual credit card integration with apiso and WAX payment suppliers

Now let’s find out why travel agents need this virtual credit card.

Why Travel Agencies Need Virtual Credit Card?

Technoheaven is leading Travel Technology Company provides best virtual credit card integration solution for travel agencies, travel agent, tour operators, travel management companies, destination management companies and travel portal development companies to simplify payment process for faster and more secure transactions with buyers and suppliers and increase business revenues.

Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) generate dynamic credit card number with specific amount and client information for a specific period. So travel agencies can make payments in fastest and most secure way.

Virtual credit cards come with advanced payment integration solutions with best multi-currency and multi-channel features to allow travel agencies to optimise payments and increase their business profitability.

Also, in Industry-centric technology platforms or Front and back office integration or GDS integration, Virtual credit card allows payment via API.

Virtual Credit Card Integration also allows use online portal for reporting and administration process.

How Virtual Credit Card is beneficial for Travel Agents and Travel Agencies?

Integrating Virtual Credit Card in their online portal has many benefits for travel agent.

Here is the list of Virtual Credit Card Benefits:

Virtual Credit Card offers Contactless Online Transactions.

  • It simplifies Payment Process.
  • It allows processing payments anywhere, anytime.
  • It streamlines day-to-day buyer & supplier payments.
  • It offers expense management for travel business.
  • It offers payment receipts quickly.
  • It improves business cash flows.
  • It provides Security and fraud management.
  • It allows easy booking of hotels, flight tickets & transfers.
  • It saves time and money.
Which are key features of Virtual Credit Card?

Here is the list of Virtual Credit Card Features:

  • Virtual Credit Card is randomly generated credit card number.
  • It allows one-time transaction with exact amount.
  • It minimizes fraud risk for business.
  • Virtual Payment Card enhances data security.
  • It is Flexible and Easy to use.
  • It Integrate real-time transaction information.
  • Virtual Credit Card offers multicurrency feature.
  • It manages cross platform payments.
  • If offers fast and seamless payment processing.