OTA connectivity with Viator XML Out

XML Out with Viator

OTAs connectivity via Technoheaven Channel Manager

OTA connectivity with Viator xml out helps the tour operators and activity suppliers to affiliate the major global Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) with the Channel Manager through Technoheaven Channel Manager to expand their reach in the travel domain. Viator Xml API Integration acts as online marketplaces where tour and activity suppliers from all over the world can list their services and gain more bookings. Viator xml out helps to easily connect the popular global OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) like Viator with the various distribution channels by utilizing the Technoheaven Channel Manager.

Viator is one of the leading OTA in San Francisco for tours, activities and attractions. Technoheaven offers you the possibility to connect via XML out with Viator. Technoheaven helps XML out with Viator to secure a pivotal connection for tour operators looking forward to access to America’s leading online travel organization. Viator Channel manager works with various tour operators to connect travelers with the best tours, activities and attractions.

Founded in 1995, Viator is an Online Travel Agency for tours, activities, and attractions. XML out with Viator offers best opportunity for the tour operators and activity suppliers to sync their tours, activities and attractions to Viator Xml API Integration. OTA connectivity with Viator xml out also enables the tour operators to gain more bookings from last minute sales and helps them in management of their bookings.

XML out with Viator controls all of your distribution channels in a single platform. Viator Channel manager allows you to easily monitor and make changes to all your offers that are available on your website. The tour operators can effectively update their inventory across all the distribution channels with the help of XML out with Viator.

Activity suppliers and tour operators can now sell a large number of tours, activities and attractions on the leading global marketplace through OTA connectivity with Viator xml out. Viator Xml API Integration helps the tour operators in gaining a large number of customers.

Using Technoheaven Channel Manager, the tour operators can sell their tours, attractions and activities via major distribution channels such as Viator and stimulate more bookings so that their enterprise can gain more profits. The tour operators can simply update tours, itineraries and price across the world using Viator Channel manager.

With the use of XML out with Viator, the tour operators can make changes in the number of tours they want to sell on each distribution channel keeping in mind their prior performance. In addition they can update all the tours and activity bookings at one place, broaden their reach, and prevent overbooking through the Technoheaven channel manager.

Through the XML out with Viator, you will have the capacity to disperse all your tours, activities and attractions to your customers easily. XML out with Viator helps the tour operators in gaining more tour and activity bookings.

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