Hotel XML IN

Hotel XML IN

Hotel XML IN

Latest travel technology for hotels strengthens business for travel agents and increase profitability.

Technoheaven Leading Travel Technology Company introduces the one stop solutions of Hotel XML IN Solutions.

We develop the Hotel XML IN API which satisfy your requirements and deal with all of your sales support.

For Increase customer experience & make their holiday enjoyable, travel agents need to develop the easy process by providing a single platform that enables them to search and book a large number of hotels and their inventories to fulfill their needs and increase booking experience.

Technoheaven Travel Technology Company offers the best XML IN functionality with Hotels. With Technoheaven Hotel XML IN, Travel Agency or Travel Agents can integrate their B2B/B2C Website with multiple Hotel Suppliers Groups Like Expedia Group ( Expedia & many more), Hotelbeds Group(Hotelbeds, gta, tourico holidays & many more), WebBeds Group ( World Destination of the World, FIT Ruums & many more) and also connect with Hotel Chain for clients (Connected with 2000+ Hotel of Accor ( Global Property )) & In Pipeline with Hong Kong Disneyland & connect with many Hotel Supplier to allow access the worldwide hotel inventories to visitors.

Connect with 80+ Hotel XML IN Supplier around the world

Using this Hotel XML IN, Hotel booking become easy and quicker. No need to manual work. It will easily integrate with travel agent’s travel system and get the real time information from hotel supplier to immediately display the real time results to customers.

After implementing Hotel XML IN, Customer gets access a large inventory of hotels with vast accommodation options and quicker booking option with instant confirmation.

Technoheaven Hotel XML IN Functionality increases the customer experience and revenue.

Hotel XML In Features:

Our team is easily integrating Hotel XML IN functionality in your system and expands the supplier base to connect with 80+ suppliers in one platform and providing the Vast Inventory of Hotel Worldwide to customer. It allow to access search and book functionality easily to get the quicker booking and increase the customer experience.

Hotel XML IN

Hotel XML IN Benefits:

Easily Integrated and Implemented.

Booking make easy.

Time Saving.

Increase Customer Experience.

Increase Visibility

Increase Booking

Increase Profit.